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Name:Agent 779 Code Name: Splicer
Birthdate:Oct 31
No. 779’s history starts like many gifted children. Born to a poor family in the outskirts of the Mar Sara sector, it wasn’t a hard choice for his parents to let him be taken for a ‘better life’. He underwent the Ghost training at the age of 7, finishing graduation at the age of 14.

He worked for the dominion for 6 years, doing a variety of missions from infiltration, assassination, playing doppelganger and mass genocide. He was highly sought after due to his increased psychic abilities and at age 21 was instituted into the Specter program.

He was released at age 25, given his number and code name and set as part of the elite squadron of the Shadow Blade. The Specter program left 779 with odd quirks and no memory prior to it. He’s driven by curiosity and tends to be more observant than others.

He’s collected ‘family’ and ‘friends’ from different missions, carrying around his dolls makes him approachable since he’s generally at ease with them; Making him jovial and mellow, sometimes a bit of a prankster.

His code name reflects the different types of psionic abilities he possesses. His specific experiment worked with enhancing and altering his powers by mixing his dna with protoss and zerg enhancements. It was a rare chance that the subjects were compatible, but there are a number of cases were it was successful, 779 being one of them.
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